Name That tagline


Hi kids! It’s time once again for everyone’s favorite copywriting game show…


YAY! (applause, applause)


For those of you joining us for the first time, “name that tagline” is the game show where we pick a fictitious product or service, and we see who can come up with the best tagline.


Why am I doing this? Because I need a break right now. And when I need a break, I sometimes create silly little copywriting games just to keep my mind active. (good God, if this is what I do for fun, I guess I really am a big ol’ copywriting nerd)


Anyway on with the game…


Today’s fake business is an amnesia clinic. But not the way you’re thinking. No, No, No… this clinic GIVES you amnesia, and lets you forget things you’d rather not remember.

(Isn’t that amazing!!!???)


Now, to get the ball rolling, I’ll throw out the first couple taglines…

“The amnesia clinic – you’ll never know what you’ve been missing.”

“The amnesia clinic – you won’t remember being here.” (Until you get the bill)


Now, if you’re feeling a little creative, (and just a little silly) put on your thinking cap, take a two-minute break from whatever you’re doing, and throw your creative copy skills into the ring.


As always, whoever comes up with the best line will win a great prize!!! (Well, not a “great” prize. In fact the only prize you get is the prestige of knowing you came up with a tagline)



Because everyone who enters gets an official “thanks” below their response, just for participating!



If this game sounds stupid to you, that’s only because… IT IS STUPID !!! (But all work and no play makes you a dull person. So lighten up a little – jeez)


And, if you’d rather forget that you just wasted 2 minutes of your life even reading this post, then just remember to visit …

“The amnesia clinic – the place where unwanted memories go to die.”


Think you can do any better…? Then Prove It In The Comments Below!



Disclaimer: the amnesia clinic represented in this thread is a fictitious business and is in no way an endorsement or a representation of any actual business. Any resemblance to an actual business, living or dead, is completely coincidental. No businesses, or animals, were harmed during the making of this thread. All prizes are awarded on a first-come-first-serve basis, and the creator of this post (SARubin) is not responsible for any prizes that get lost or stolen during delivery.




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