Email copy – Good… or not?

Well, the other day I posted a thread here with a direct response copywriting exercise.
I was trying to add some hands on education to this site. And I did get a couple private emails asking for more posts like these.

But, other than that… nothing more than crickets chirping… and tumbleweeds rolling.

So, I’m thinking that maybe not too many people here are interested in exercising their sales copy skills?

But, I’ve never been one to “take the hint” (at least not on the first go around)
So let’s try again (one more time)… shall we?

This is an email I got from Netflix a couple days ago…
I won’t break it down with any critique this time. I’ll just let you look at it, and soak it all in…
So what do you think of it?



Without trying to sway your opinion, let me just say I think it’s pretty good copy.
Basically, they start out by telling me they’re going to raise my rates…
But, by the end of it… I’m almost ready to “thank” them for raising my rates. (Or, at least I’m still a loyal customer who has no problem paying more)
So anyway… Tell me what you think makes it so damn compelling (or, why you think I’m goofy for believing it’s pretty good copy?)

All comments are welcome… (good comments will actually be appreciated)

Until next time.
All the best,



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