Criteria For Working With Me

If you’re ready to start creating advertisements and marketing campaigns that will grow your sales to new heights – I’d love to talk with you.

However, it’s only fair to let you know that I’m selective about who I ultimately work with.


Because I get paid the same amount to help someone I get along with, and someone who truly wants to succeed – as I do to work with someone who’s disagreeable, and just wants to make excuses for failure.

But the difference in our relationship, and ultimately your results, is like night and day.

When we work together it’s a partnership.

It’s your company that’s going to profit the most, and it’s my reputation on the line.
So we both have skin in the game – And failure is not an option.


Therefore I’ve established a stringent nine-part qualifying criteria that must be considered, before I’ll work with you.

You don’t need to meet all of them. If you satisfy at least six of these points or better – then contact me, and we’ll quickly determine whether or not I can help you:


Here’s the nine-point criteria that must be considered:

(1) You run ongoing advertising that’s bringing poor results, but you spend a lot of money on it.

(2) You have a lot of past customers that rarely (or never) come back.

(3) You’re making all your money with one-time sales, and have no existing “back-ends” or “cross sells.”

(4) You understand that marketing is a scientific process and there are no “secret sauces” or “magic bullets” that will explode your sales overnight.

(5) You are unimpeachably honest and ethical. In other words; You’re not out to scam anyone.
You provide a quality product or service, and you’ll dutifully honor your agreement and commitment to pay me when money is due.

(6) You are operating in a competitive industry where virtually everyone is marketing the same way, and you can’t seem to differentiate yourself from the crowd.

(7) You understand that “customer service” is not a single department within your company.
And everybody, from the boss on down to the lowest employee represents your company and its reputation.

(8) You’re willing to take an active role in your own businesses marketing efforts.
And you’re also willing to learn the reasons “why” a strategy is effective, from someone who’s willing to teach you.

– Number 8 is important for 3 reasons…

 a) I won’t spend weeks working on an advertisement, or marketing campaign for anyone who won’t spend a couple hours going over the information needed to make it effective.

b) I won’t work with anyone who’s going to shoot down every good idea just because they didn’t think of it themselves. Or because they don’t understand marketing from a “customer centric” point of view.

c) I don’t want you to become totally dependent on me. I want you to understand the strategies that are going into your marketing campaign so you’ll be able to keep moving forward, even if I’m not there holding your hand.

(9) You have an established business that has between 3 and 50 employees, and gross revenues of between 1 million, and 20 million dollars annually.

– Number 9 is not etched in stone. I have worked with a few larger companies, and I’ve enjoyed working with smaller companies. It’s simply a guideline because experience has taught me, when these numbers are much smaller, many business owners don’t understand the value of making advertising and marketing a “budget line item.” And when these numbers are much bigger, that’s when too many corporate style committees start “clogging up, and bogging down” progress.


So, if you do satisfy at least six of the criteria above, and you’re ready to start creating advertisements and marketing campaigns that will quickly grow your sales – contact me right now and I’ll honestly let you know whether or not I can help you:


If we’re a good fit for each other, then I’m willing to teach you everything I know, without hesitation.

While most consultants and marketing agencies guard their “secrets” jealously.
(Their ultimate fear is that you’ll learn too much and won’t need them anymore.)

Personally, I want to teach you everything you’re willing to learn.

There are a number of reasons for this philosophy. Here’s just a few…

(1) I feel the more you understand about the “reasons why” an advertisement works,
the more likely you’ll be to adopt the concepts, and the better the chances for success.

(2) I’m always learning and improving. So I don’t need to worry about you
discovering all my secrets. Because while I’m teaching you everything I know, I’m continually learning,  and studying different marketing strategies that are working in the real world.

In other words: A few months from now I’ll already have new strategies to share with you.

(3) If I teach you so well, that you don’t need me anymore – then I take great pride in knowing I’m a good teacher.
And besides, there’s so many businesses that need my help, I never worry about running out of work.


The bottom line is this…

If you want conventional, dollar-wasting advertising – then hire a conventional advertising agency.
(There are plenty of them around who will be happy to take your money)

But, if you’re ready to start creating advertisements and marketing campaigns that can be tested, proven, and measured for results – I’d love to talk with you.

For your success,

All the best,