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If You’re Attracting Visitors To Your Sales Funnel, But You’re Not Getting Nearly Enough Conversions… (And You’d Like To See Better Results)…

Here’s your opportunity to have a 25 year veteran marketer review your entire sales funnel, from start to finish… And help you optimize the entire process for higher conversion rates!


From The Desk Of: SARubin
(deep inside the real world marketing trenches)

My fellow business owner…

Do you know what makes a high converting sales funnel work?

Would you like a sales funnel that gives your visitors that “smooth customer journey” from the first advertisement they see, straight through to checkout?

Are you ready to optimize your sales process and start bringing more sales and more cash flowing to your business?


If your sales funnel isn’t bringing you all the conversions you want to see, and you can’t figure out what’s wrong… Don’t beat yourself up about it. There might be just one or two things you’re missing.

And I’m here to help you figure it out!


My name is Steven Rubin. And for over 25 years I’ve owned and operated multiple business – offline and online. And for the past 10 years I’ve had the extreme pleasure of helping many other business owners expand their markets and increase sales, by helping them improve the flow of their sales process.

Over the last 2 decades my primary focus has always been on direct response marketing… always testing, always tweaking, to see what produces the highest response rates.

During that time I’ve learned what it takes to create a smooth flowing sales process to generate the highest possible conversion rates on almost any platform.

Which is why I coined the term Conversion Flow Specialist to describe what I do.


What is conversion flow optimizing?

It’s the process of removing friction in your sales funnel, and allowing your visitors to have that “smooth customer journey” from start to finish.

Let me explain…


When it comes to conversion rate optimizing, we look mostly at “quantitative” data…

With quantitative data we can see “what” is happening with your conversion rates, and “how” it is happening. This is the type of data we get with any good analytics tracking.

Using this data we can…

  • Understand where your traffic is coming from
  • Discover how well different promotions are doing on different platforms
  • Test and tweak parts of your sales process to increase your conversions
  • And more…

These insights can show us how your campaigns are doing, and which changes are having the biggest impact.


With conversion flow optimizing we also look at “qualitative” data…

Qualitative data looks for the reasons “why” those changes made a difference. This where behavioral psychology meets analytics tracking.

  • Why did people buy more when the checkout button was blue, instead of orange?
  • Why did moving the opt-in form to the other side increase sign-ups for our mailing list?
  • Why did changing a few words of sales copy increase (or decrease) our response rates?

These insights help us understand why it’s working, so we can more easily replicate the consumer motivators in follow-up campaigns.


Both types of data work hand-in-hand to show us the best path forward, and they help us provide a smooth buyers journey for your customers. Which translates into more conversions for you!

Simply put… From the first contact with your advertising, straight through the sale, to the follow up after the sale… When we make the buying journey as smooth, stress free, and natural as possible… your visitors feel more comfortable buying from you.  On the other side of that coin…

If your sales process doesn’t flow smooth… You’re losing sales!


That’s why I offer you an economical way to improve your sales funnel… Starting Today
Sales Funnel Reviews, Consulting, And Conversion Flow Optimizing


How does it work?


You just let me know what you’d like to start with. Is it…

  • Low response to your advertising?
  • Response to your advertising, but not many conversions?
  • People entering your sales funnel but not completing a transaction?

These are just a few of the most common ailments I see everyday. And many times, there’s only one or two small issues keeping your sales from taking off, and growing exponentially.


Perhaps you don’t know where to begin? No Problem…

I’ll bring my 20+ years of consumer psychology, advertising and marketing experience to you, and I’ll go through your entire funnel just like one of your customers.

Starting with your first advertising contact, and continuing through to the end of the purchase.

As soon as I find a stumbling block in the process, that’s where I begin to take notes… So you can begin to make improvements.


So before you go even one more day with conversion rates that you know could be better, let me take a look at your current sales funnel.

Because optimizing your current sales funnel is a whole lot quicker, and cheaper, than starting a new sales funnel from scratch.


On average…

About 10% of the time, there’s nothing I can do to help. That’s when everything looks good to me, and there’s a hidden issue that I’m just not seeing. (Hey, I’ll admit it; I’m good at what I do, but nobody knows everything)

It could also be that your sales process is doing the best it can, and you may simply need to expand on what you’re already doing, or branch out into additional arenas. (If that’s the case, I’ll let you know that as well)

Around 80% of the time, I can help make your advertising, and sales funnel work much better. Many times it can be dramatically improved with only a few changes, and we just need to make a few simple tweaks to have things fall into place.

The other 10% of the time, the entire sales process is such a disaster that the problem is beyond fixing. And the entire funnel needs to be scrapped, and started over from scratch.


Of course, the only way I can know for sure, is by first seeing what you’ve got.

And the only way I can do that, is if you contact me right now, so I can take a look at what you’ve got.

But before you contact me, be forewarned; When I review you’re sales funnel… if it’s in the 10% that are “stinking up the place”, I’m going to be honest about it. I won’t be mean about it, but I won’t lie to you either.


So, how much does it cost to have me review your current sales funnel?

How does zero sound?

You read that right. When you contact me right now I’ll buy you an entire hour of my time (a $250 value). So it won’t cost you a single penny to have me look at your sales funnel, and we can talk about your business.


Why would I make such a generous offer?

Because right now I have no idea if I can help you, or not. If I review your sales process and there’s nothing I can do to make it better, then obviously I’m not going to charge you for it.

If there’s some changes you can make, then I’ll let you know. And you can decide if you want my help.

And if you have any concerns that I’ll “find something” that doesn’t really exist… Rest assured, I have zero interest in fabricating problems, just so I can solve them and make a buck. That’s not the way I do business.

I’ve built my entire career on integrity and ethical behavior. And besides, there’s so many people in this world that I can legitimately help, I have no reason to lie, cheat, or steal from anyone.


As you can clearly see… You have absolutely nothing to lose, and a lot to potentially gain by contacting me right now.


It won’t cost you a penny to find out how I can help your sales funnel become more profitable.
All you need to do right now is invest a few seconds of your time.

Simply fill in my easy contact form below… Click “send it”… And let me show you how I can help you increase your sales.

To your success.

All the best,



P.S. I just want to say one last thing before I go, it’s important…

Whatever it is you want from your sales funnel… (More sign-ups for your mailing list… More direct sales… More repeat customers…) You definitely want something, and it’s my job to make sure you get it.

If I can’t help you, then it won’t cost you a penny. If I can help you, then your increased bottom line will more than pay for your investment in me.

My easy contact form only takes a few seconds to fill in. And it’s a small investment of your time that can pay you HUGE returns…

Sales Funnel Conversion Rate Optimizing