Why is offline copywriting important for your business?

Because not everyone will find your business on the internet.


It’s true… The internet is part of our lives, and it’s here to stay.  You know this is a fact, because you’re reading this online right now.


But let’s not forget all the customers who will find your business without going online.


There’s Newspaper ads, Magazine ads, Billboards, Flyers and Brochures, your Business cards, Direct mail, just to name a few…


Most companies these days are completely focused on internet marketing, and they ignore offline advertising altogether.


This creates a huge opportunity for you and your business!


Your smart enough to know, if everyone else is leaving offline advertising behind, that means there’s an INCREDIBLE OPPORTUNITY for your business to fill the void, and get the attention of customers who are still part of the physical world.


So are you ready…? Great. But before you go spending a bunch of money on a direct mail campaign, or even simple classified ads in your local newspaper, let’s remember one of the most important parts of any ad… The Copywriting.


You know, those little written words that compel your customers to do business with you… or not.


It’s a well known fact, words can make all the difference between a winning ad that makes you lots of money… or a dud that only wastes your money, and your time.


Words have power! And different words produce different results.

The right words can sell ice cubes to Eskimos. But the wrong words couldn’t sell ice cubes in the desert.


Remember this… It cost you the same amount of money to send out a winning ad, as it costs to send out a loser.  But the difference in the return on your investment can be dramatic.


Now you clearly understand why professional copywriting is so important.  And when you’re ready to get started creating a winning sales piece for your business contact me.  I’ll be here waiting for you. We’ll start with my 6 point diagnosis for your sales message, then together we’ll create a winning piece of copywriting guaranteed to produce results.


Or… If you already have a sales ad you’re about to try, contact me before you spend your money sending it out, and let me take a look at what you’ve got.


I’ll review it for free. If it looks good, I’ll let you know, and it won’t cost you a penny.


If it just needs a few “tweaks”, I probably won’t charge you anything for that either. (all I ask in return is a quick note letting me know you appreciated my help)


And if your offline copy really sucks, I’ll let you know right away… before you waste your money sending it to print!


So why is offline copywriting important for your business?  Because not everyone will find your company on the internet.


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