This should always be your main focus when writing a sales piece

This short, but powerful post is about what our main focus should always be when writing a sales piece .

I decided to write it because there was thread on one of the forums I sometimes visit, from someone who wanted advice on how to increase donations to her crowdfunding page.
One of the replies that came from a member of the forum contained the following passage…

In addition to the feedback you have already rec’d, my opinion for faster fund raising results is to refocus your campaign on the traffic that comes there, and of course, the SOURCE of this traffic and I think they are more interested in your goodies at the different levels.
Crowd fund raising investors, outside of family friends, want to see what is in it for them,

[End Quote]


^^^ I just want to say… That contains a brilliant bit of advice right there!!! ^^^

I’ve told people this, over and over (and over again). Sometimes they get it… More often, they don’t…


“When writing a sales piece, your main focus should ALWAYS start (and finish) with the focus of what’s in it for your audience!”

Because that’s what your audience is looking for, when they’re reading (or listening to, or watching) your message.

Think about it… Why would any sane person take your requested action, If there’s nothing in it for them that is equal to, or greater in value, than what you’re asking from them?
Whether it’s something that will improve their lives, or just give them a feeling of doing a good deed (like a charitable donation)

If you want people to “take action” you need to give them a reason that means something to “THEM”

And this goes for ANY piece of writing where you’d like your audience to take some action. (From a full on sales piece, to a fundraising piece, to a sales video, to an email, down to a simple opt-in form on a website)


Look folks, I’ve been in this business for a lot of years, and I can’t even count how many times I’ve started working with a business, who’s previous ads were all about the company. (i.e. – here’s how great our product or service is… we have a bunch of awards… our past customers love us… we’re great… etc. etc. blah blah blah!)

Honestly, when I read sales copy like that, all I can do is is shake my head, and wonder how they manage to get any new customers at all?

daffy writing sales piece

Simply put, if you ever find yourself creating an ad… and you start thinking “what can I say to convince people how great my product or service is?”
STOP!… Back up, regroup, and reverse your direction.
And instead start thinking “how does my offer help the people I’m trying to reach?”


When you start your sales piece with this “state of mind,” your sales copy, and your response rates, will only get better!
So let me just summarize this post in one quick sentence…

Our main focus when writing a sales piece always needs to start with “what’s in it for our audience”.

Sumthin’ to think about…
Here’s to writing better winners, more often.
All the best,

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