What’s the difference between copywriters and content writers?

Well, there’s a question I’ve only been asked 1000 times. So if you’re wondering “what’s the difference between content writers and copywriters”, let me just lay down a quick answer for you, OK…?

I’m going to keep this post super short, because once you read the short and sweet answer there won’t be much else for me to say about it.  So if you’re ready, here we go…


Of course, both copywriters and content writers serve many of the same clients, and the crossover between the two is fairly obvious, but generally speaking there are a couple major differences between the two…


Basically, “Content writers” create blog posts, articles, stories and the like, with a primary purpose of engaging your visitors with useful and informative (or sometimes just clever) content.

On the other hand… “Copywriters” write the words in marketing materials, with the main purpose of getting your visitors to buy something from you.

And when it comes to “Direct Response Copywriting” the primary purpose is to get your visitors to take some sort of immediate action in “direct response” to your promotion. (it could be to contact you for more info, sign up for your mailing list, make a direct purchase, etc.)


So that’s the basic difference between content writing and copywriting… Which I guess makes this particular post “content writing”.

Anyway, that’s it. (I told you this was gonna be a short post)

Until next time… Whether you’re into content writing, or copywriting… just keep on writing…

All the best,

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