So, what business books are you reading right now?

That was the question I asked this young buck the other day, when he asked me how he could make more money with his online business.

Of course, I could’ve gone through the standard list of normal questions, like – who’s your target market…? what are you selling…? what is your market buying (which is often not the same thing that you think you’re selling)? How are you currently advertising…? what is and isn’t working, so far? etc. etc. etc.

But I didn’t take the “normal” route for two reasons…

1 – I didn’t have the time for an in depth interview with this guy. And…
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Are you too old to start a successful business

So, there I was just cruising a couple of the forums I sometimes visit, and I started noticing a pattern of questions popping up. (yeah, I often look for patterns in life. And when you look for something, you’ll often find it)

The one that finally got me to stop, was from a 28 year old asking if he was too old to start over in life?


He went on to explain how he’d never really found his passion, and after college he’d gone right to work in an office. He finished off by saying, “I’d like to start my own business, but I’m doing what I was trained for, and I’m not a young kid anymore. Is this all there is to life? ”

Well, this one stopped me in my tracks, and I just had to answer the call.

Without repeating the entire answer I gave this kid ( I’m 53 years old as I write this post, so yes, a 28 year old is a “kid” to me) Here’s the highlights of what I told him…

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The A to Z Method of Eliminating Writers Block


Greetings, young writers… (old writers… wannabe writers… and all the ships at sea)

Here’s another good writing exercise for you.

This one was introduced to me by a friend, and fellow writer, on one of the forums I sometimes hang out at.

BIG SHOUT OUT TO “FRED” over at the WF !!!  (you know who you are… yeah!)


Anyway, It’s a pretty creative idea that could save you from the dreaded “WHITE PAGE OF DEATH !!!” (also known as writers block)


Whenever I find an opportunity to bring you something that could improve your writing, I want to share it with you. So I decided to write this quick post, explaining this great little exercise. (are you getting excited yet…? I know I am.)


Now personally, I think this method is pretty fantastic. But it won’t instantly make the words appear, all by themselves. And you probably won’t jump up and down shouting “Hallelujah! I have the answer, at last!”

But, it’s still a pretty incredible way to give that evil nemesis “writers block” the old “1…2…knockout punch” it so rightly deserves.


So, if your ready to learn it… Here’s the magical formula…

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Your FREE email opt-in offer, is not really free… So stop pretending like it is.


I was browsing a couple online marketing forums the other day, and a number of threads jumped out at me.
They were all asking similar questions, like…

“Why aren’t people signing up for my email list? I’m giving away free stuff (a free report, free ebook, free sample, etc.) Doesn’t everybody want free stuff?”


Well, most experienced marketers already know the answer to this question.

But, for anyone (and everyone) who’s asking this type of question, let me answer it for you right now…

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Name That tagline


Hi kids! It’s time once again for everyone’s favorite copywriting game show…


YAY! (applause, applause)


For those of you joining us for the first time, “name that tagline” is the game show where we pick a fictitious product or service, and we see who can come up with the best tagline.


Why am I doing this? Because I need a break right now. And when I need a break, I sometimes create silly little copywriting games just to keep my mind active. (good God, if this is what I do for fun, I guess I really am a big ol’ copywriting nerd)


Anyway on with the game…


Today’s fake business is an amnesia clinic. But not the way you’re thinking. No, No, No… this clinic GIVES you amnesia, and lets you forget things you’d rather not remember.

(Isn’t that amazing!!!???)


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