Trigger Words That Will Make Your Copy More Powerful

Just want to say for the record… I’ve never been a big fan of so called “power word lists”.

The main reason is because too many people grab the list, and then scattershot random power words throughout their writing.
By the time they’re done they end up with content that might sound exciting… but it has no substance.

It’s like filling your car with high octane fuel, and then driving really fast in an uncharted direction. Eventually you run out of gas and end up in the middle of nowhere.


Personally, I prefer writing that has substance. And writing that leaves people better off for having read it.

Especially when we want people to take action from our words, having a deliberate direction is far more important than just moving fast.


So, with that as my disclaimer… I think most of us would still agree that some words have more emotional impact than others.

The goal of this post is to give you a few words that can bring emotion and power to your writing.
Use them wisely, and you can embrace high impact fuel in your writing. Use them haphazardly, and I’ll call you a cab when you run out of gas…


So after that lengthy introduction, let’s just dive right in… Shall we?


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