Powerful Written Persuasion Techniques – Part 4 (pre-suppositions and pre-framing)

Welcome back… In this next chapter of Powerful Written Persuasion Techniques we’re going to cover the concept of using pre-suppositions and pre-framing in our copy.

Over the years I’ve read dozens of books and articles about pre-suppositions, and the definition(s) of what they are. But the definition I’m using today is a little different from most that I’ve seen.
(Of course I’m leaving myself wide open to be criticized by English teachers and grammarians. But we’re talking about sales copy here. And academic rules don’t always apply in this theater)

So for the sake of this post, we’re going to combine pre-suppositions and pre-framing together.  And defined it as “casually implying a statement as a given fact, so we can bypass our readers critical skepticism and have our message more readily accepted.”


OK, I admit that definition is a mouthful. But rather than trying to break it down, I’d rather just show you what I’m talking about…

So if that works for you, let’s just dive right in. Shall we…
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Powerful Written Persuasion Techniques – Part 2 (invoking emotions)

OK, in the last chapter we talked about the powerful written persuasion technique of appealing to your readers identity. And how connecting your offer to the personal story of your audience, can subtly turn your product or service into a part of their lives.

When we do it effectively we’re no longer selling, but we’re having our products welcomed into their lives without resistance.

This time we’re going to touch on another powerful persuasion technique…
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Powerful Written Persuasion Techniques – Part 1 (appealing to identity)

Whether you’re writing an advertisement, a sales page, an email, or just trying to convince someone to agree with your way of thinking… These simple, yet powerful persuasion techniques will make your job of persuasion much easier.

These techniques have been used by politicians, copywriters, lawyers, and propaganda masters throughout history. But for the sake of this series of posts, we’ll be using them to create compelling sales copy for your products or services.

I’ll give some short examples for each technique, just to give you a basic idea of how they could work. But you can certainly expand each one to create much more powerful sales copy for your own business.

So if you’re ready… here we go…

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Here’s a basic mindset formula for writing sales copy

OK, so the other morning I had a few minutes to spare, and I decided to cruise one of the marketing forums I sometimes visit.

On this particular morning, a newbie marketer asked a question I’ve seen more than once, about writing sales copy.

Well, like I said, I had a few minutes to spare. So this time I answered the call and tried to help this guy out with a quick (beginners) primer on the mindset you should have when writing sales copy.

And even though I only gave the guy a basic answer, I still think the answer might serve anyone who has a similar question.

So I’m posting it here for your enjoyment? (Education? Advantage? Benefit?)

Anyway, here’s the exchange that took place (slightly edited, to remove the askers personal info)…
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