A Cool Technique That Increased The Average Sale Per Customer For One Of my Clients

OK, this next technique worked so well that it practically blew my mind when the numbers came in.

For those who are interested in conversion rate optimizing, I’m sure you’ll be able to appreciate the beauty of testing such a simple idea.

It may not work for everybody, because it’s somewhat product dependent. But if you can implement it (or anything like it) with your business, then I highly recommend you at least give it a try…

So I’ve been working with this guy for the past few months, trying to maximize profits from his website.

My new friend sells info products (books, audio programs, courses, personal coaching and the like) and we’ve been working on increasing the average sale per customer.

Of course we mixed and matched some various up-sell and cross-sell mechanisms, with a modicum of results.

But then one night I woke up around 2AM with an idea blazing through my mind (This kind of thing still happens to me more often then I’d like. Don’t get me wrong… I appreciate my subconscious helping out, but I’m getting older and I really need my beauty sleep)

Anyway, the next morning I presented the idea to my client. And now I’m sharing it here for your consideration, education, amusement, or just so you can slam me for sharing an idea that you already knew about (it’s your call what you decide to make of it).

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Why I will never offer world-class service to my clients…

Because it’s an insincere, superficial platitude, that has no genuine meaning!

Seriously, when some company offers me “World Class Service” – My first thought is “Well, that sounds impressive (I guess). But what does “world class service ” even mean?”

Does that mean you’re going to treat me the same as someone from a different culture, on the other side of the world, where there might be a different concept of what is or isn’t acceptable?


Here’s an idea… why don’t you offer me personalized service instead? And treat me like an individual.

I’m not trying to put myself above everyone else in the world, but if I’m spending my money with you, then for the next 10 minutes can you at least pretend like I’m an important individual.

Can ya do that for me, Skippy? Thanks.


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