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The most important marketing lesson for every business…

Meet the new boss; Same as the old boss
The Who – Won’t get fooled again

Wow, I was just listening to the old song “Won’t get fooled again” by the Who. And let me tell you, it really brought back some memories from my youth (I guess that shows you how old I am).
At the end of the song, Roger Daultry sings “Meet the new boss – Same as the old boss” and it instantly got me thinking about marketing.


OK, I can already hear you saying… “What? How the hell can an old rock-n-roll song make you think about marketing? You friggin egghead!”
Well, maybe I deserved that… and maybe not. But at least let me explain where I’m coming from, before you feed me to the alligators…

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Does your business really need a website


Hey, fellow business marketer –
Today I’m answering a question from one of my clients, Jim T, who asked if he really needs a small business website.
Jim is a local, self employed, handyman who says he doesn’t like to travel more than an hour for work; so he doesn’t see the need for a website because all his business is local.
Believe it or not, I still hear that statement from a large number of local business owners.
So, I decided to write this short post, just in case you’re still sitting on the fence about it.
The short answer is “yes” your business should have a website.
Your small business website doesn’t need to be fancy, and it doesn’t need to be expensive… But it does need to exist!


The two most common excuses I hear for not having a small business website are…

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How to build your email list – A guide for newbies

One of the most important things you can do to keep your website visitors coming back, is to build your email list.


Social media is great for keeping in touch with friends, but a solid email list is your ‘holy grail’ for website success.


Sure, you need a nice website that offers value. And of course, compelling webcopy is crucial. But with a kabillion websites on the internet ( kabillion is just a rough estimate 🙂 ) the likelihood of someone forgetting which website they visited last week is pretty darn high.


When you build your email list it allows you to stay in direct contact with people who’ve already shown an interest in what you’re offering.  And by staying in contact with them, you ensure they won’t forget you.

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How to become an authority in your niche

There’s a number of great ways to become an authority in your niche, and they all come down to one thing… Becoming well known as an expert.

I know what you’re thinking… “Thanks for the insight Captain Obvious, but how do you make it happen?”

Excellent question!

And since you didn’t come here for a bunch of useless ‘jibber jabber’, I’ll get right to it with a short list on some of the best ways you can ‘make it happen’ – and become an authority in your field…
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