Small Businesses that rely on me


Who relies on me to promote and grow their business?


I’ve worked with a number of different businesses over the years. With varying levels of results, from good to great.

The industries listed here are the ones where I’ve helped produce the most outstanding results; with both online and offline copywriting and marketing.


Construction Trades

I spent years working in construction (didn’t everybody at one time or another?) I’ve worked as a landscaper, a roofer, and a house painter. Then I went on to start my own home restoration company, where I worked along side many other trade professionals and craftsman for over 20 years.

I wrote most of my own advertising campaigns during that time, and I eventually started helping other contractors attract more of their ideal clients.

Landscapers, House Painters, Carpenters, Roofers, HVAC Companies, Plumbers, and ElectriciansThe hard working people who help build this country from the ground up.

I know the difference between commercial customers and residential customers, and I can help you with an advertising campaign that attracts more of the clients you want to work with.


Commerce (Brick and Mortar / E-commerce)

During the years I owned and operated my construction business, I also started a (part time) retail business selling self defense and security products, and survival / prepper products via a small network of websites that I built.

This small business eventually turned into a full time business selling retail from a leased office, and wholesale to other entrepreneurs. By the time I sold the business it had a solid client base, and a rather successful E-Commerce website.

The multi-website network was where I cut my teeth with online advertising, and since the early 2000’s the learning has never stopped.

I’ve worked with B2B and B2C clients for over a decade, and I know the difference between the two sets of buying needs.


Self Improvement / Self Development

I also work with self help / self improvement companies.

Even though I’ve never owned a business in this industry; I’ve been an extreme “self improvement addict” for the past 30 years (or more).

In fact, I still have a few of my old Nightingal-Conant audio programs on cassette (does anybody remember when cassettes were a thing?)

And I credit much of my success to the hundreds of books, courses, audio programs and mentors I’ve had the pleasure to encounter in my lifetime.

In other words, I do have a deep understanding of the customer mindset when it comes to self improvement programs.

Whether it’s Educational, Motivational, Spiritual enlightenment or Physical improvement programs:

You’re the teachers that help average people achieve levels beyond what “formal” education allows. For those of us who desire to improve ourselves, and never stop learning, we are eternally grateful.

Now, let me return the favor by helping you bring your products and services to more people.

Some of my clients are small business owners with dozens of employees.  Some are individuals working with only a few people. But you’re all trying to grow a business and bring value to peoples lives, while making a lot of money in the process.


Whether it’s a simple advertisement, or a more sophisticated multi-part campaign…

I’ll work with you to create an affordable, professional message that allows people to easily make the decision to do business with you.


Why do I only work with small businesses?

Someone recently asked me that question, and I thought… “there’s an honest question that deserves an honest answer”

After all, working for big corporations is where all the money is at… right?
Large companies have deeper pockets and can afford to pay more.

Well it’s true, working for large corporations can bring in quite a bit more revenue.
And I have worked with a couple larger companies in the past, but now I only work with small businesses for a few simple reasons…

Without getting into a big political debate, let me just say…

I believe small business is the true backbone of any economy.

Big business may provide a lot of jobs to people, but it’s also true that as soon as the going gets tough they take away many of those same jobs.

All the while they keep feeding large bonuses to their top executives for their lack of performance.


Small business owners tend to be more responsible when it comes to honest business relationships with their customers and employees.

That being said… I want to help people who need (and deserve) my help.

Small businesses are made up of real people.

And if you own a small business there’s a good chance you probably know everyone at the company… by name. How many large corporations can say the same thing?


So that’s the short reason why I only work with small businesses, and not big corporations.

On a side note: I never liked the term “Small Business.”

I only use it because it’s a common term that most people understand.

The truth is, your business is not “small” to you or me. I’ve never met an owner whose business didn’t take up a “big” part of their life.

Your business provides a valuable product or service that makes peoples lives better.
And, you’re responsible for providing income to your employees, so they can contribute to their families, and the community. Even vendors rely on you for their livelihood.

There’s nothing “small” about that!


So, that’s the quick rundown of the main niches I’ve had the best results with. I’ve also had some good results with a few other niches (mostly in the service industry), and there’s only a few niches that I refuse to write for. (But if it’s direct response, with a little research I can write for just about anything).

If you’re ready to take your company’s advertising and marketing to a higher level, just let me know by filling in my simple contact form below.

I’ll get back to you as soon as possible (usually within 24 hours) and we can talk.

And if it turns out we’re a good fit for each other, this will be the day you remember as the day you found your copywriter.


I look forward to hearing from you soon.

For your success.

All the best,



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