How to write authority articles for your website


The importance of using articles to help promote your website, cannot be overstated.
Not only can they add useful content to your online presence, which gives people a reason to visit your website, but articles can also promote you and your company as being a knowledgeable authority in your industry.
But, it’s not just about stuffing your site with articles for the sake of having a lot of content.
Cheap, useless five dollar content might fill up your website, but if you become known for having a website full of useless crap, it’ll do more harm than good to your company’s reputation.
On the other hand, a well written article will catch the eye and interest of your customers, and keep them coming back for more. And they may even recommend your site to others.


Here’s a couple basic tips to help you make your articles better…


• The title for your article:

Like with any commercially written content; whether it’s an article, sales copy, or even a book… Your title (or headline) is arguably the most important part of the entire project.
It needs to catch the interest of your audience, and give them a reason to read what you’ve written. Because it doesn’t matter how well written your article is, if no one ever reads it.
Your title doesn’t always need to be clever, but it needs to offer your reader something of interest or value.


• The power of focus:

Your article should always be centered on one specific topic at a time. If you focus on too many subjects in one article, then you can usually count on one thing happening…
1- Your ideas will become scattered, and you may even confuse your audience.
Think about it… If your readers are expecting useful information about one topic, (or just something entertaining) because your title caught their interest; and you start ping-ponging back and forth between multiple subjects, you’re going to end up losing most of your readers. (and they might never come back)
So, if you have two or more ideas; then why not turn them into two or more articles? That way you not only keep the focus of each one, but you also get credit for writing more articles.
More articles = More content. And that’s usually good.


• Using Keywords

NOTE: This one is primarily for online use. But, it can also help keep you focused on your topic for offline articles, as well.

Now that you’ve picked a single topic, you’ll want to pick a keyword or key phrase for each article you write. This simply means choosing a general word, or phrase that represents what your article is about. (Ideally, a word that people search for when looking for whatever you’re writing about)
Keywords help the search engines index your article so when someone searches for that particular key phrase, your article has a better chance of being found in the search engine’s.
You’ll want to sprinkle your keywords, as well as variation’s of your keywords, throughout your article.
But here’s where most cheap five dollar content goes wrong…
They write content ONLY for the search engines, which might get your article to show up on the first page Google, but keyword stuffed articles rarely (if ever) provide genuine value, and they won’t keep your human visitors interested at all.
And always remember, writing for search engines will help get your site found, but search engines don’t buy anything. So always write for your human visitors first and foremost.


• Good Article Content

Like I stated above, you can’t just stuff your article with keywords. It must also be good reading material. It needs to entertain people or at least provide good information.
Also, be sure to check your spelling and grammar.
You don’t need to impress your English professor (unless you’re writing an article for academia), and a few slang terms might even help you connect with your audience; but grossly misspelled words and/or completely broken sentences will make you look like an amateur (or possibly stupid).
If you want people to trust you, make your work look good, and well thought out.


• Linking Articles

One final thing before I go…
If you’re going to submit your articles to ezines, or contribute to newsletters or other peoples sites, always remember to include a link back to your own site.
Usually, a little resource box with a brief description of your site, and you, can be placed at the end of your article. If people like your articles, many of them will click on the link bringing them to your site.


In conclusion: A well written article will help boost your reputation as an expert in your chosen field. And as more people start to see you as an authority… more and more they will start to believe in you… And, more and more, they’ll be able to trust you and your company.
And that’s a good thing.


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