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For Small Business Owners Who Are Spending Money On Advertising, But Are Not Getting Enough Sales – (And Would Like To Get More sales)…
9 times out of 10; When we improve your sales copy… We improve your results!

Here’s your opportunity to have a Professional Sales Copywriter help you, supercharge the power of all your marketing messages!

Yes, you can…

Use Professional Copywriting To Easily Increase Your Sales!

Let me prove it to you…

From The Desk Of: SARubin
(deep inside the real world marketing trenches)

Question for you…

Have you ever wondered why some advertising and marketing works better than others?
Would you like to have more of your advertising and marketing produce better results… more often?
What if we could make a few simple tweaks to your current sales messages, and quickly start bringing more customers, more sales, and more cash flowing to your business?


Of course you already know, using the right words in your marketing can make all the difference between a weak response, or powerful results.
But, did you know there’s a scientific process to Professional Copywriting, that can help you determine the right words to use?

It’s true… once you apply the proven research and psychology that goes into “persuasive copywriting,” all your sales messages will become more powerful, and produce far better results. Guaranteed!

I’m here to help you make it happen for your business. And all you need to do right now is simply Contact Me and let me know you’re ready to get started (Or, you can leave here right now. And continue wasting money on marketing that’s not nearly as effective as it could be)

The choice is yours. I’m sure you’ll make the right decision.

To your success.

All the best,





Well, since you’re still reading this page (instead of already contacting me) I’m guessing you’re still on the fence about hiring a copywriter, to help boost the results of your marketing?

Hey look, I get it… You’re skeptical. And you have every right to be.
After all, there’s only around 10,000,000 people on the internet claiming to be professional copywriters. And most of them can’t even string a compelling sentence together, much less understand the psychology that goes into effective sales copy. (Or they’re just so full of hype and B.S. that you can’t believe a thing they say)
Which leaves only a handful of us who truly know what we’re doing.
So it’s up to me, to prove to you, I’m the real deal.


Of course, every successful business owner understands…

Professional Copywriting is one of the best investments you can make for your business

But, if you’re still not sure hiring a professional copywriter is a good investment; Or, if you’re just not sure I’m for real, and you need more proof before you contact me, then keep reading…
Because in the next few minutes I’m going to freely share some important insights with you, that will help improve all your sales letters, advertisements, and even your website copy.
So even if you decide not to contact me for help, you’ll still leave here with valuable insights you can use to improve all your advertising and sales messages… Almost instantly.


1 – I’m going to quickly explain what Powerful Copywriting is… how it can easily Increase Your Sales… and why you might want to Consult With A Professional Copywriter.

2 – I’m going to PROVE to you, right here on this page, exactly how compelling copy works. So you can see it in action, for yourself.
3 – I’m going to teach you some powerful strategies you can use to improve your own sales copy. Right now!


So, if you’re ready… Starting right now I’m going to help you increase the power of all your advertising and marketing materials.
Of course, by the time you finish reading every word on this page, you will be able to make your own advertising more effective.
But in reality, simply reading a web page will not make you an expert.
So as you read this entire page, remember to keep this next question in the front of your mind…

Why should you consult with a professional copywriter?

There’s two common answers for this question –

The first answer is obvious…  Because you can’t seem to make your sales messages work the way you want them to.
If you’ve been struggling with your sales message, and just can’t seem to get the results you’re looking for, I have some good news for you – It’s not your fault!
Unless you’ve spent years studying the science and art of professional copywriting, then there’s little chance you’ll ever produce compelling ads, like a professional copywriter.

The truth is… good copywriting can be tough! You know what you want to say, but If you don’t choose the words your customers want to hear, you’ll be wasting your time, and your money.

Simply put – “It doesn’t matter how amazing your product or service is, if you can’t communicate it to your customers, in a way that makes them want to buy from you.”


That, my friend, is the job of a professional copywriter.

professional sales copywriter

LOOK… Just the fact you’re reading this page, tells me you’re smart enough to know – compelling copy is a key ingredient to empower all your sales messages, and bring more customers to your business.


But let me expand your thought a little further…

Without a doubt, professional copy is the most important part of your website, advertisements, or any sales message you create.

Why? Because a beautiful website, a well laid out ad, or a clever video might get your viewers attention.

But, it’s words that convince people to spend their money with you.

The bottom line is this… Your marketing is the first contact most of your visitors ever have with your business, and it needs to do the job of a top performing salesperson.
In other words… Your advertising needs to bring people to your business, already pre-sold and eager to buy.
Then, your sales funnel needs to guide them through the entire sales process… from start to finish.

And when it comes to your sales process, different words can produce different results…
The truth is… Some words produce good results. Some words produce better results. And some words can produce AMAZING results.

^^^ Read that last line again, because it’s important for you to understand. ^^^


By simply knowing the right words to use, your marketing materials will produce far greater results.

That means more response, more sales, and more money for you.

Sometimes we only need to change a few words to double, or even triple your conversion rates.

And that’s how Powerful Copywriting Can Increase Your Sales With Ease!

Now, does that mean every piece of sales copy I write is a winner, every time…?
Of course not. There isn’t a copywriter in history who could honestly make such a claim.

But I will guarantee you this… If our first attempt does not produce acceptable results, then I’ll continue to work with you, at my cost, until we do get a solid return on your investment.


The second reason to contact me is, because I’m giving you the gift of TIME.

The truth is, there’s nothing I do that you can’t learn to do for yourself. But you’re a business owner… not a professional sales writer.

And like any skilled craft… if you want to learn how to write truly persuasive sales copy, it’s going to take time to learn how to do it right.

You’ll need an understanding of psychology, and linguistics. You’ll also need to learn how to research your target market, so you can get inside the mind of your customers, learn their language, and write a compelling sales message that speaks directly to them… All of this takes time.

Think of it this way… You could spend hundreds of hours (or more) learning the subtle complexities of persuasive sales copy. And then spend more time actually writing your sales messages.

Or, for a small investment, you can work with someone who’s already spent thousands of hours creating persuasive sales copy for other businesses.

Then you can spend more of your time, working on areas of your business that only you can do best.

So… How much is your time worth to you?



Here’s your proof that persuasive copy works.

If you recall, near the beginning of this page I promised to prove how professional copywriting works.

The fact is, you’ve already proven it to yourself.

Let me explain…

Every smart business owner understands one simple truth about advertising. (It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about online, offline, print, video, radio, or any other media).

The truth is… People have limited attention spans. And the hardest job of any sales message, is to grab the attention of your audience, and keep them interested in what you’re saying. So it can eventually lead to some action.

Think about it… If no one pays any attention to your message, then it can’t produce any results. That makes sense, right?

Now, even though I’m not trying to sell you anything at the moment, just the fact you’re still reading this page, proves that certain words can keep you interested.

And if I can keep you reading this long webpage, then clearly you can see how persuasive copy can keep your audience engaged with your message.

It’s not a trick… It’s not manipulation… It’s simply choosing the best words possible, to keep you interested.

That’s how “Professional” Copywriting works!


Here’s something you can use right now to test your own sales copy…

This is the most common, and basic mistake I see in many of my clients sales messages. If it doesn’t apply to you, then congratulations, you’re one of the few.
If it does apply to you, then consider this my free gift to help you with your marketing success…

Go take a look at your latest sales letter, or advertisement, or your website.

Now, without reading into the message, just count the number of times you see the words “me, I, we, us, our” or any other word relating to you and your company.

Then count the number of times you see the words “you” or “yours”, or any words that relate to your audience.


Now, if the words relating to your audience don’t show up twice as many times as the words relating to you, then you’ve got it backwards, my friend.

Hey, I’m not trying to embarrass you. That’s what 90% of the advertising we see everyday looks like. And if you want to stand out from the crowd, then you need to be better than that. And I’m here to help you.

You see, the problem is most business owners (and sadly, most advertising agencies) write ads from the company’s point of view. Starting with the attitude – “What can we say to impress everyone with how great we are?”

And the copy ends up sounding something like this…

“we provide quality… we’ve been in business for 100 years… we have a ton of industry awards… our customers love us… etc. etc. – blah, blah, blah.”

Copy like that gets a predictable response from your audience. And that response is… “Who Cares?”


And that’s why most advertising doesn’t work


Because your customers are reading your ad from their own point of view. And they have only one question in mind… “How is this going to benefit me?”

That’s where a professional copywriter can help you.

A true professional copywriter spends years studying consumer psychology. And we’re trained to research your market, in a way that allows us to understand what your customers really want.
You see, you know your business from the inside-out… but your customers are looking at it from the outside-in.

It’s a completely opposite mindset. And understanding that, makes ALL the difference when writing compelling copy.

Of course, that’s just one example of what goes into a well crafted sales message.

There’s many more aspects of high quality professional copywriting. And I could talk about this stuff for hours, because it’s what I live for. But I’m sure you have better things to do than spend all day reading a webpage.

And besides… much of what I know might not apply to you. Your copy might just need a few tweaks to make it perfect. Or, it might need a completely new direction to make it work.

The only way to find out how I can help you, is for you to contact me right now. Then we can talk about what you want to achieve, and we can create a sales message designed to work for you.

With that in mind…



Here’s my personal invitation to you…

If you want to increase the conversion rates from any, or all of your sales messages
(from your advertisements… to your sales funnel… to the follow up marketing, after the sale)

I’m here to help you.

Will you make the decision to let me help you?

I’m offering you the opportunity to have a Professional Copywriter work with you, to create powerful sales messages for your products or services.

Copy that works like a virtual salesforce. Bringing you more leads, more customers, and more sales than you ever thought possible.

And all you need to do right now is simply contact me, and let me know you’re ready to get started.


But there is one catch… I only work with a limited number of clients at a time. The reason is because I simply refuse to sacrifice the quality of your sales message due to having more work than I can effectively handle.

Of course, even if I’m all booked up I’ll still be happy to talk with you. Perhaps I can offer you some advice to get you moving in the right direction.


So what are you waiting for? Contact me right now. Because the sooner you contact me, the sooner we can start bringing more sales and more cash flowing into your business.





P.S. One last point for you to think about. It’s important… 3 months from now, you could still be struggling to make your advertising produce better results. Or, you could be enjoying increased sales and profits, because of the action you take right now.
It won’t cost you a penny to find out I’m the right professional copywriter to help you increase your sales.
All you need to do right now is invest 30 seconds of your time. Fill in my contact form, and click “Send It”


P.P.S. If you’re still not sure that working with a professional is worth the cost… then read this short conversation I had with a local business owner, which explains how working with a “professional” copywriter is not an expense, it’s an investment. An investment that can help grow your business; and can more than pay for itself, many times over.

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