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  • Avoid ‘All-or-Nothing’ Advice to Get Smarter about Your Business and Marketing

    Most sites that teach digital business and marketing have absolutist prescriptions. “You must do this.” “You must never do that.” But the web is a complicated place. And rigid, black-and-white advice will only take you so far. This week, we talked about three ways to […]

  • 5 Bad Habits that Will Tank Your Social Media Marketing

    When I think about social media, I start to sound a lot like somebody’s cranky grandma. Back when I was starting out in marketing, we didn’t have all this Twitter or LinkedIn or Facebook. If you wanted to run an ad, you bought a classified. In the newspaper! Which people had to pay for! […]

  • Writing Facebook Ads in a Sensitive Topic? Try These 4 ‘Tricks’ that Work … and Get Approved

    If you’ve spent any time in marketing discussion groups, you’ve probably heard how difficult it can be to get Facebook to approve your ads … depending on which industry you’re in. You may have thought: “Zuckerberg sure seems like a tyrant who hates marketers.” […]

  • 5 Types of Audience Members You Can Safely Ignore

    It takes a certain amount of strength to be an audience-focused content creator. It’s not for the faint of heart. Because when you know your audience is the source of all good things for your business, you open yourself up to receive a lot of opinions. But sometimes those opinions can also […]

  • How to Defeat the Tyranny of Bad Grammar and Worse Sales

    Happy North American patriotism week! With Canada Day and U.S. Independence Day, as well as an abundance of summer sunshine, I think we can all agree that the first week of July is a fantastic time to take a few days off. 🙂 With all of this patriotic vacationing going on, we decided to […]

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